Canine Tabs Plus Advanced Multivitamins for Dogs ‚ 365 Count

Pet MD Canine Tabs Plus is an advanced source of all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to stay happy and healthy. This dietary supplement is recommended by vets to support the health of active, working, and senior dogs.

  • A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM: The natural vitamins and minerals give the immune system the boost it needs to fight off illness.
  • A TREAT DOGS LOVE: These liver-flavored vitamins can be given as a chewable treat or crumbled into your dog's food.
  • HIGH QUALITY SOURCE OF PROTEIN: The combination of vitamins and minerals promotes a healthy skin and coat so your dog looks and feels great.
  • NATURAL ENERGY: Dogs feel their best thanks to a natural energy boost that helps them do the things they love.
  • CERTIFIED SAFE: Our products are made in the USA and independently lab tested so you know you're giving your dog the absolute best.