Chuckit! Recycled Remmy Ball

The Chuckit!® Recycled Remmy Ball is the perfect toss toy for dogs! The Remmy ball is easy to clean, very durable, long-lasting, and is good for the environment. This happy face smiling ball will provide your pet with loads of fun as they guess which way the ball is moving. The environmentally friendly design utilizes recycled rubber and can be used with all medium Chuckit! Launchers. Ships in assorted colors.

PRODUCT NOTE: Supervise play and know your dog and choose the appropriate size and type of toy to prevent choking or other harm. Inspect this toy regularly; if the toy is damaged or if parts become separated, remove the toy and parts as injury may result. No dog toy is indestructible, and every dog interacts with their toys differently. Supervised play will go a long way to helping your dog's toys last longer.