Vittles Vault Travel-Trainer Portable Food Storage Container

Make traveling with your dog easier with the Vittles Vault™ Travel-Trainer. This portable food storage container is designed to keep your pets food fresh as well as provide maximum convenience for pet parents by transforming from a pet food storage container to a feeding and watering system in seconds. Ideal for road trips, beach trips, camping, office visits, daycare, and more, the Travel-Trainer comes with a 6-cup food storage container, two 3-cup bowls for food and water, and a carry handle. To use, just remove the carry handle, twist off the top, pull off the food and water dishes, and pour. Made from BPA-free, food-grade plastic and features an airtight seal that will keep your pets food fresh and tasty during travel.

PRODUCT NOTE: Capacity guidelines are based on the shape and density of kibble and feed.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS The clear plastic food storage container is NOT dishwasher safe. Please wash by hand with warm soapy water and dry. The two food and water dishes are dishwasher safe.