3-in-1 Pet Balm for Dogs - 2 oz

Pet MD 3-in-1 Pet Balm is the all-natural solution to your dog’s dry, cracked, and painful skin. A combination of oils and butters seeps deep into skin for long-lasting moisture. Perfect for dry noses, cracked paw pads, and painful elbow calluses, this non-toxic pet balm is formulated to provide dogs with soothing relief.

  • SAFE, EFFECTIVE, & NON-TOXIC: Made With Only The Best Natural Ingredients, Our Soothing Pet Balm Is A Blend of 12 Natural Oils & Butters + Pet Safe Essential Oils and is Not Harmful if Ingested.
  • INSTANT RELIEF From Cracked Paw Pads, Callused Elbows, & Dry or Cracked Noses. Regular Use Protects Skin From Cracking, Bleeding, Chapping, Ulcers, & Infections.
  • EASY TO APPLY & DRIES QUICKLY: It Just Takes Seconds to Massage It Into the Skin & Give Your Dog Paw Protection From the Elements & Environment.
  • EASE & SOFTEN Uncomfortable, Crusted, Chapped Dry, & Stiff Skin and Paws. This Rich Dog Paw Moisturizer is Perfect for Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: It's Understandable to be Worried About Products From Other Countries. At Pet MD, Our Products Are Produced in The USA in Facilities With Strict Inspection & Quality Controls.