FAT CAT Lappy Toppy Cat Mat

Our Trend-Setting Innovator, Big Mama, is proud to reveal Her Dee-lightfully, low-tech Nap Station: The Lappy Toppy™! With Features like a Sort of Ergonomically designed Mousey and extra soft Foam for Kitty Loungin' during system reboots (aKa Naptime). The Lappy Toppy is the new MUST-HAVE for every Tach Savvy kittys playtime. Our Zoom Around the Room® organic catnip is a System upgrade that'll Get Your Kitty's tail-a-snappin' and feets-a-tappin' even faster than dial up! Now with Extra Gigabytes!
FAT CAT's® Lappy Toppy is a large cat mat made from durable canvas and filled with fluffy foam and organic catnip that kitties love rolling around and laying on. You can lay it down flat, or flip it open like a real laptop for your cat to lounge and nap on. The dangling mouse gives your kitty something to paw at and play with as he settles in for a cat nap.