Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Vehicles

As dogs age, getting in and out of the car can become difficult, painful, and hard on your dogs' body. Keep them going and provide the help they need with Gen7Pets® Natural-Step® Ramp for Vehicles. Offered in two sizes for cars of all makes, the Natural-Step Ramp features a poly-grass surface that provides much needed grip for your dog to get up and down the ramp easily. Designed with your pet's safety in mind, the Natural-Step Ramp has durable rubber grippers on boths ends of the ramp that keeps it secure and in place while in use. The regular sized ramp features a safety tether latch that attaches to your cargo area's anchor to provide extra security while the ramp is in use. The Mini sized ramp does NOT feature a safety thether. When done, fold the ramp in half and the automatic locking clip keeps if from opening accidently. A convenient rubber-grip handle and the lightweight design makes it easy to store in your cargo area or under the back seat of your car.


Regular Size Open Dimensions: 72" Long X 16" Wide X 1.5" Thick

Regular Size Folded Dimensions: 36" Long X 16" Wide X 3" Thick

Mini Size Open Dimensions: 42" Long X 16" Wide X 1.5" Thick

Mini Size Folded Dimensions: 21" Long X 16" Wide X 3" Thick