Pet Qwerks Extreme Steak Dinosaur BarkBone Nylon Dog Chew

Ideal for large and giant dog breeds, Pet Qwerks® Dinosaur BarkBones® are the largest nylon dog chew bones in the world! Proudly made and sourced in the USA with FDA-compliant nylon, these Extreme Steak Flavored Dinosaur BarkBones are perfect for aggressive, steak-loving canines. The natural look and feel of these Dinosaur BarkBones give dogs the satisfying feeling of chewing on an actual bone. Give your dog a tasty, safe, and satisfying chew experience with Pet Qwerks Extreme Steak Flavored Dinosaur BarkBones.
PRECAUTION: Dinosaur BarkBones are hefty in size. Don't be surprised if your dog creates granules of nylon while chewing. These little rice size bits are usually not swallowed, but if they are, they'll pass without a problem. For a satisfying chew experience, your dog should be able to do some damage to the chew. The texture should be scratchable, not glass-hard. As always, please supervise your pet when you introduce new toys or chews. While these are extremely durable, all dogs chew and play differently. If your dog happens to break pieces off, immediately remove the chew from being chewed on.